Auckland Theatre Company
waterfront theatre development

NZTRI look at the impact that the theatre would
have on Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter


Auckland Theatre Company

A brand new $36m world class performing arts venue opened its doors in Auckland’s newest urban waterfront destination in 2016.

"The waterfront theatre development will provide Auckland’s residents and visitors with a high-profile world-class destination, offering a year-round programme of theatre and entertainment." (Waterfront Theatre Business Plan, 2014).

Our partnership with Auckland Theatre Company began in 2014 with two projects looking at the impact that the theatre would have on Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. To provide baseline data of the current business climate, business were interviewed to gauge their opinion of the level of business activity, and to establish and attitudes towards the new theatre.

Local businesses were positive about the climate and the incoming new theatre, citing that it would contribute to the after 5pm economy. This research was backed up by a global benchmarking study, looking at how cultural venues contribute to local economic development and the success factors that enable this.

The baseline study is valuable to track the impact of the new venue over time and the research helped support the case for Auckland Theatre Company being a new resident in the area.