Hospitality Research

Dr. Nigel Hemmington

Nigel Hemmington is Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Humanities at AUT University. He was formerlyProfessor and Dean of the School of Services Management at Bournemouth University, and was Reader and Director of Research at Oxford Brookes University.


Dr. Peter BeomCheol Kim
Dr Peter BeomCheol Kim is a lecturer of Hospitality Management at the School of Hospitality and Tourism. His academic qualifications include a MS (Hospitality Management) from Ohio State University and a PhD (Hospitality and Tourism Management) from Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech University in the USA.


Dr. Jill Poulston

Jill Poulston is the Head of Department (Hospitality) and Senior Lecturer in the School of Hospitality and Tourism at AUT. Her doctoral study was of ethical issues and workplace issues in hospitality, an interest stimulated after some 15 years management experience in the New Zealand hospitality industry.


NZTRI’s Hospitality Research programme undertakes research for the hospitality and related service industries, and seeks to improve connections between academia and industry. In collaboration with AUT’s School of Hospitality and Tourism, our experienced team of researchers and practitioners generates research that informs policy, and assists practitioners. The team’s expertise is diverse, and the majority of researchers have significant industry experience, which enables them to present and interpret data from both a theoretical and practical persective.

Areas of Interest Include:

  • Consumer experiences and behaviour
  • Services and facilities for the disabled
  • Hospitality human resources, workplace problems and conditions (e.g. staff turnover), employment law and industrial relations, training and development, productivity, gender issues, older workers, the nature of labour
  • Alcohol service and consumption, menu analysis, cost control
  • Hospitality education
  • Service management, hospitality marketing and branding, strategy