Experiences and Legacies of the Rugby World Cup 2011 Volunteer Programme

 The Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC 2011) will be the biggest event ever staged in New Zealand and the Volunteer Programme will be a highly visible and important element of delivering the event. How well volunteers are engaged during the event will influence the quality of the event delivery and their future involvement in volunteering, sport and the community. The Volunteer Programme will therefore also contribute to the legacy impacts of the RWC 2011.

The research aims are:
1. To explore the relationships between motivations, expectations, and experiences of Rugby World Cup 2011 volunteers.
2. To explore the extent to which the Rugby World Cup 2011 Volunteering Programme provides a legacy of increased participation in volunteering and sport, and improved employability, workplace-learning orientation and workplace-learning outcomes.

A longitudinal multi-stage research design is adopted using five online surveys over an 18-month period from 6 months before the event to 12 months after. The relationships between motivations, expectations, experiences and intentions and behaviour will be measured at different points of time.

This project is being conducted as a partnership between NZTRI and Victoria University of Wellington.

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