Hamish Bremner

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Associate Director

New Zealand Tourism Research Institute
Level 4, Te Ara Poutama
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand

Office Phone: (649) 921 9999 ext 5898
Email: hamish.bremner@aut.ac.nz



Dr Bremner received a ‘Top Achiever’ Doctoral scholarship from the Foundation of Research Science and Technology to complete his PhD into a history of tourism development at Te Wairoa, New Zealand. The resulting thesis highlighted the inter-relationship between cultures in a tourism setting and illustrated the different layers of meaning that are culturally inscribed into the landscape. The research was deliberately inter-disciplinary and this approach has continued into his current research which combines history, sociology and tourism studies.



Wikitera, K. and Bremner, H. (2009) ‘Māori cultural tourism or just being

ourselves? Validating cultural inheritance’, London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries. Vol. 2(1), pp. 55-76.


Bremner, H. (2008) ‘Tourists and tourisms in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A case for an

alter(native)’, paper presented to a symposium on Indigenous tourism, UC Berkeley, U.S.A., September.


Bremner, H. (2007) ‘The undiscovered side of cultural tourism’, Tourism Business, Spring.


Milne, S., Bremner, H. and Delpero, M. (2006) ‘Ski areas and sustainable community

development:‘Global-Local’ tensions at Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand, in Clark, et al, Mountain Resort Planning and Development in an Era of Globalization, Cognizant Communications, New York.


Bremner, H., Keiha, P. and Ormsby, O. (2006) ‘Māori Tourism Development Board:

Research Strategy’, Foundation of Research, Science and Technology (Commissioned).


Bremner, H. (2005) ‘Constructing and consuming place: An analysis of tourism

development at Te Wairoa, New Zealand’, paper presented to the International Commission for the History of Travel and Tourism at the 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Sydney, July.


Bremner, H. (2005) ‘Hinemihi, tourism and identity’, paper presented to the Sociology

Department Seminar Series, University of Auckland, April.


Bremner, H. (2004) ‘Constructing, contesting and consuming New Zealand’s tourism

landscape: A history of Te Wairoa’, PhD Thesis, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland.


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