John Hull

personal information


Associate Director

Dr. John S. Hull

Senior Lecturer, School of Hospitality and Tourism
Associate Director, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute

AUT University

Phone: (09) 921 9999 ext. 6298


John is an Associate Director and Senior Lecturer at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute based at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. His present research addresses sustainable tourism in peripheral regions with a specific focus on strategic planning and management as well as community-based tourism development.


John has worked on tourism projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Asia. Past clients include the UNWTO, UNCBD, UNEP, UNESCO, World Bank, Nordic Council, European Tourism Research Institute, Commission on Environmental Cooperation, Canadian Tourism Commission, Tourism Atlantic, and Parks Canada.


In New Zealand, Dr Hull is working on a seafood trail for Top of the South Island and on a regional tourism plan in the Matakana Region, north of Auckland.


1992-1998 Ph.D., Geography, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

1988-1992 Master Landscape Architecture/Master Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

1985 Bachelor of Arts, American Studies, minor Environmental Studies, Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

Consultancies and advisory work

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Training and Mentoring Program,
Canadian Badlands, Alberta, Canada
January 2010 to October 2010
Working with Canadian Badlands Ltd, Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park and Kalahari Management to conduct a needs assessment and series of training modules in marketing, customer service, interpretation and business viability.
Cape Race Development Plan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
December 2009 to April 2010
Working with a team of consultants to outline a conservation and development strategy for Mistaken Point on UNESCO tentative list.
Identifying series of global case studies to provide direction for potential human resource supports for the site
Destination Development Forum, UNESCO World Heritage Site, L’anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, Parks Canada Agency, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
May 2009 to June 2009
Led a community forum of approximately 40 residents to explore market readiness of region adjacent to L’anse aux Meadows National Historic Site.
Worked with participants to draft a vision, goals, and short-term actions to improve product development and packaging opportunities in the region. 
Hanmer Springs Spa. Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
October 2008 to present
Identification of a research strategy to assess potential marketing and product opportunities linked to health/wellness benefits at the facility. 
Market Analysis of Camping and Fixed Roof Accommodations, Parks Canada, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
August 2008 to present
Project Director for product-market match strategy for the National Park.
Focus of rebranding linked to camping and fixed roof accommodations within Park.
Strategic Tourism Plan, Faeroe Islands
November 2007 to September 2008
Keynote speaker at 1st International Ecotourism Conference, November 2007.
Presented at key stakeholder workshop to build support for strategic plan in 2008.
Cree Ecolodge Feasibility Study, Quebec, Canada
January 2008 to March 2008
Participated in consulting team to update ecolodge study for Cree First Nation.
Evaluated product development, marketing and proposed new marketing strategy.
Seafood Trail, South Island, New Zealand
Lead Researcher, September 2007 to present
Awarded one year grant on tourism innovation to research South Island´s Seafood Trail.
Collaborating with International Institute for Tourism Development, Clemson, University, USA.
Submitted new research proposal to industry and government for strategic planning.


The New Zealand Travel Sector: Skill Shortages and Training Needs

Nodder, C., Histen, S. Milne S.S. and Hull, J. (2008) The New Zealand Travel Sector: Skill Shortages and Training Needs. Wellington, NZ: Projects International. pp. 97


Strategic Tourism Plan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
August 2007 to September 2008
Worked with provincial tourism steering committee as part of research team.
Administered awareness workshops across the province.
Conducted research on tourism trends and global best practices.
Contributed to writing of strategic plan
Nahanni National Park Reserve Interpretation Assessment, Parks Canada, Northwest Territories, Canada
May 2007 to November 2007
Worked with researchers and consulting team to gather information on aboriginal interpretation programs.
Completed a product-market match strategy for Parks Canada to suggest an appropriate marketing plan to benefit park.
Strategic Tourism Plan, Northeast Iceland
Program development director, March 2007 to July 2009
Project Director for five year strategic plan.
Integrating GIS mapping into research inventory of tourism resources. 
Spa Marketing Study, Northeast Iceland
Consultant, February 2007 to December 2007
Coordinated regional spa marketing study for development agency.
Research and identified priority markets.
Identified marketing strategy with specific actions.
Nature-based Tourism Small Business Network, Eastern Canada/North Atlantic
Project director, September 2006 to May 2008
Working with local businesses on a nature-based tourism small business network.
Curriculum development coordinator for a nature-based tourism course.
Program is linked to a European-based program involving four countries.
Developing a strategic plan for product development, training, and marketing.
Helped to secure $220,000 in funding for the one-year program. 
Newfoundland and Labrador Outfitter’s Association (NLOA), Canada
Project Director, Product-Market Match Strategy, April 2006 to May 2009
Coordinated the development of a ten year product-market match strategy.
Program included a needs assessment, outfitters survey, market survey, focus groups and collaboration with industry and government.
Coordinated international best practices summit and published handbook. 
Cruise Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, (CANAL), NL, Canada
Project director, Port Readiness Program, May 2005 to May 2007
Design and delivery of a port readiness program for thirty key ports in the province.
Program divided into a needs assessment, workshops, marketing, and evaluation phases.
Secured outside funding for the project totaling $30,000 towards $175,000 budget.
Program has been offered in Atlantic Canada, Nunatsiavut, and Greenland in 2007.
Tourism Development Strategy, Canadian Badlands, Alberta, Canada
December 2005 – May 2005
Completed product-market match assessment for Canadian Badlands sub-region.
Collaborative planning with residents, Alberta Economic Development, Travel Alberta.
Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism, NL, Canada
Instructor, August 2004- January 2006
Awarded contract to develop curriculum and administer sustainable tourism workshops at national tourism training institute ( managed by Canadian Tourism Commission, Parks Canada, Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador and Tourism Atlantic.
Destination Viking Sagalands (DVSL), NL, Canada
September 2004- June 2006
Cowrote proposal to Canadian federal government for full participant status in DVSL.
Coordinator for marketing work package for DVSL.
Administered workshops/seminars in Norway, Orkney and Greenland, and Faroe Islands.
Helped secure funding of $175,000 Cdn. over two years for project.
Atlantic Outdoor Adventure Partnership, NL, Canada
March 2004-December 2005
Represent NL lodges in promotion and marketing of adventure tourism products.
Coordinating two-year budget of $350,000 with New Brunswick partners.
In charge of travel trade, print collateral, media relations, Internet programs. 
Visitor Centre Reprofiling, Gros Morne Co-operating Association, NL, Canada
March 2004
Completed storyline for new exhibit at Gros Morne National Park of Canada.
Storyline based on ‘It’s About Time’ Marketing Theme for the Viking Trail.
Tourism Awareness Campaign, Lower North Shore, QC, Canada
December 2003
Contracted by local development agency to explain 5-year regional tourism plan.
Administered two-week awareness campaign in 15 communities and two Reserves.
Conducted three radio interviews to build public awareness.
Completed final report for government agencies.
Viking Trail Tourism Association, St. Anthony, NL, Canada
September 2002 to October 2003
Mandated to administer festival/events, learning vacations, capacity building.
Program development for youth, conference and events totaling $300,000.
Conducted administrative duties, oversaw staff.
Fundraising totaling $1.5 million for marketing, technology, and living history. 
Quebec-Labrador Foundation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1993 to 2002
Managed QLF Canadian Headquarters.
Wrote grants, administered programs and managed staff.
Completed 5-year, $4 million CDN regional tourism plan for eastern Quebec.
Co-founded Traditional Skills Network in Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec. 
Tourism Research Institute, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Winter 2000.
Invited to conduct comparative research on community-based tourism development.
Keynote speaker for UN Association of New Zealand on Mountains and Ecotourism.
Taught tourism planning courses through Waiariki Institute, Rotorua.     
European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR), Sweden
June 1999 to April 2001
Contracted to research the role of government in tourism development in Labrador.
Published article in edited book, Going North.
Invited to present findings at Tourism in Peripheral Areas Conference, Sweden.
Study in Africa Program, McGill University, Kenya
February 2000 to March 2000
Team-taught two courses focused on resource management/people and cultures.
Led case study projects at four ecotourism/heritage sites in country. 
Sustainable Tourism in Natural Areas Program, Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), NAFTA, Montreal, Canada
January 1999 to June 1999                                                                
Contributor to CEC background document on sustainable tourism in natural areas.
Co-organizer of sustainable tourism conference in Cancun, Mexico in May 1999.
Middle East Ecotourism Exchange, QLF Canada, Montreal, Canada
December 1997 to December 2000                                                   
Co-wrote grant, organized exchange for Middle East and North American ecotourism professionals examining biodiversity/cultural heritage issues.
Published handbook of best practices.
Circumpolar Coping Processes Project, UNESCO, Tromso, Norway
April 1997 to 2002                                         
Canadian representative examining global change in North.
Presented ecotourism case study from eastern Canada at symposium in Denmark.
Traveled to Faroe Islands, Iceland, Finland, Norway to present case study research.
Published articles on tourism in the North in three edited books as part of program.
Conservation Park Feasibility Study, Minister of Environment, Quebec City, Canada
July 1995 to March 1996                                                       
Conducted series of attitude surveys of visitors, residents, and businesses.
Compiled data, analyzed and provided recommendations on future course of action.
Parks and Local People Project, The World Bank, Washington, D.C., USA
January 1996 to March 1996                                                                             
Drafted paper on indigenous participation in protected area planning in Guyana.
Designed workshop/generated slide show for the workshop with project manager.
Donner Canadian Sustainable Community Development Project, QLF Canada, Montreal, Canada
February 1992 to 1994                                                                                                         
Developed model for building local leadership in conservation and development.
Worked with local partner organizations in four case study communities.
Notre Dame Bay Salmon Management Project, QLF Canada, Montreal, Canada
May-August 1990                              
Cooperated with Department of Fisheries and Oceans/National Marine Fisheries Service.
Hired, trained, and managed a staff of six salmon tag retrievers in Newfoundland.
Compiled data and made recommendations for future salmon management strategies.
Newfoundland and Labrador Parks Department Project, QLF Canada, Montreal, Canada
May-August 1989                                                                                                 
Cooperated with Department of Environment and Lands.
Conducted a natural/cultural resource inventory of Provincial Parks.


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