Aotea / Great Barrier Island Visitor Strategy research programme

In 2017, Great Barrier Local Board and ATEED commissioned the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute at the Auckland University of Technology (NZTRI) to develop a visitor strategy for Aotea / Great Barrier Island (GBI).  The Visitor Strategy will guide the future development of the visitor industry, improve the area for business, and encourage collaboration among local tourism operators, central/local government agencies, iwi and local residents. The Strategy will help define a clear collective vision of what Great Barrier Island expects from its future visitor growth. Central to the Great Barrier Island Visitor Strategy is a commitment to develop the visitor industry as a source of economic growth and community enhancement with minimal impact on the current natural environment and lifestyle of those who live on the Island.

NZTRI’s approach involves a local Tourism Audit (online web audit, and on-site experience audit); community, business and visitor surveys (low/shoulder and high season), as well as interviews and discussions. A local reference group (Visitor Strategy Group) is providing input into, and guiding the development of the Strategy.  For further information or to join this group, please contact .


Aotea / Great Barrier Island Visitor Strategy 2018-2023 [PDF]

Appendix 2 - Aotea / Great Barrier Island Visitor Strategy - Implementation Plan [PDF]

Web Audit: An audit of the web presence of Great Barrier Island
The goal here is to understand how Great Barrier Island is presented online and the types and forms of messages being presented to the visitor.


Minutes of meetings (Visitor Strategy Group)
The Great Barrier Island Visitor Strategy Group comprises members who represent a range of sectoral and local interests on GBI. The purpose of the VSG is to inform decisions on tourism development on Aotea (Great Barrier) and guide the development of the Visitor Strategy.  They do this by becoming involved in the research programme in an advisory capacity.
12 September 2017
6th November 2017


Community, Business, and Visitor Survey reports
The Visitor Strategy will be informed by visitor and community/business survey research.


Visitor and Community Survey Report (October–December 2017) (PDF)
This report presents key findings from the Visitor and Community surveys for the low/shoulder season period before Christmas 2017.


High season survey report – (January-April 2018)
This report presents key findings from the high season Visitor and Community/Business surveys. The report is designed to provide an evidence base for the development of the Aotea / Great Barrier Island Visitor Strategy.