Hawkes Bay Visitor Strategy Research

Venture Hawkes Bay, and its regional partners in tourism development, is looking to gain a deeper understanding of visitor satisfaction and behaviour in the region to underpin future tourism strategy development. NZTRI is going to establish a research barometer that can provide ongoing information about visitors to the region – forming part of a regional decision support system that can inform and better focus tourism industry development in the future.

The research will include:
- A brief review and identification of ‘state of the art’ regional tourism decision support systems worldwide – with a view towards placing Hawkes Bay (HB) on the cutting edge of such developments
- The development of an online visitor ‘barometer’
- The implementation of the barometer and an initial report on findings

In addition to the core research generated by the visitor barometer this approach is also designed to build awareness of the importance of research and collaboration within the HB tourism industry and related sectors. The barometer will involve active industry involvement and participation – providing key players with a stake in the development and use of industry research.

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May 2010
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