Professor Nigel Hemmington's Inaugural Professorial Address

Hospitable Tourism Experiences – an alternative business model

Hospitality as a commercial phenomenon is not well understood and the failure
to understand the cultural, social and philosophical dimensions of hospitality and
hospitable behaviour has led to an impoverished industry. This industry bears little
resemblance to the noble and rich traditions associated with hospitality in most
cultures around the world. It has even been suggested by other scholars that the
industry is actually inhospitable.

Furthermore, the adoption of traditional business models, particularly the services
model, has compounded this degradation of commercial hospitality.

In this Professorial Address, Professor Hemmington will explore an alternative way
of looking at commercial hospitality through behaviour and guest experiences. He
suggests that through this approach, a new perspective emerges that has exciting
implications for the creation and management of hospitable experiences, and
the management of hospitality businesses. He also suggests that this hospitable
experiences model could be applied to other experience based industries.

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Fri, 05/27/2011 (All day)
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