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Pro poor impact impact of public/private investments in the tourism sector in Laos

Researchers agree about how a specific economic sector impacts on a local economy (range of activities, phases of production, number of hired people (direct, indirect, and induced), the methodologies or the categorizations used to measure this impact are multiple. Especially in developing countries, the pro-poor impact of tourism can strongly vary from one methodology to another. The period of time allocated to collect and sometimes to analyze the information is evidently a stringent factor of accuracy.

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Wed, 04/29/2009 (All day)
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Rethinking Heritage Interpretation for Visitors

This reflective paper examines how heritage and tourists engage, hypothesizing about a necessary re-conceptualisation that goes beyond interpretation as the transfer of information/significance/knowledge grounded in learning theory, towards an interpretation praxis that embraces two dimensions of the visitor experience: an embodied experience and an experience where vision and visuality is privileged. Both these dimensions are at the forefront of the ways digital media is reconfiguring the relationship between heritage places and visitors.

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Fri, 11/21/2008 (All day)
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