Vietnam Project 165 Management Training: Urban Planning and Tourism Management

Urban areas in Vietnam and elsewhere around the world are increasingly dependent on tourism as a source of income, employment and government revenue.

A delegation of 20 Viet Nam Government officials accompanied by an interpreter attended a two week Urban Planning and Tourism Management training programme hosted by the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) and the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (NZTRI), AUT University. Auckland. The training programme was designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the complex links that exist between urban development and tourism. The first section of the course looked at urban planning and development issues and their relationship to tourism objectives in a broad sense. The second section of the course then explored the evolving tourism industry – examining trends and issues that are pertinent to the effective marketing and development of tourism in urban settings. In both sections, extensive use was made of case studies from Asia, the Pacific and elsewhere around the world.

The aim of the training program was to provide a broad overview of:

  • Urban development issues in the Asia Pacific region, and to consider the implications of these for tourism management.

  • Critical international trends and issues that influence the future development and management of urban tourism. There were two underlying themes at the centre of the course: the move toward more sustainable forms of tourism development; and the increasingly pervasive impact of information and communication technologies on the tourism industry and its outcomes.


Photos of delegates receiving their certificates

Photos of trip to Mt Eden / Maungawhau

List of Participants (PDF, 64k)


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October 2009
September 2009
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