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For nearly two decades NZTRI has focused on conducting research for, and sharing knowledge with, clients around the world.

Moving beyond our base in New Zealand and the South Pacific we have conducted an array of research and training activities in Asia and the America's. Through our networks of researchers and associates we have also been able to link to research in Europe, the Indian Ocean and Africa.

Sharing knowledge and transferring skills lie at the heart of our work. Whether we are training tourism industry and policy makers in Southern Chile, facilitating community workshops in coastal Kenya, or training urban officials from Vietnam our goal is to build capacity and create lasting benefits.

Our work also stretches beyond the regional and national and into the trans-national sphere. We have recently completed for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) detailed insights into the growth and management of voluntourism. Innovative research generated insights into the experiences of 21 member economies. Links to international databases and networks of researchers enabled us to draw on global cases and knowledge. Our ability to straddle both industry and community perspectives has enabled the development of a timely guide for all of those engaged in this important sector.



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The case of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia

While tourism is a vital source of income and jobs for the Yap State economy there is no available information about its performance as an industry, other than general visitor arrival numbers. The Yap International Visitor Survey is in response to the requests from Yap Visitors Bureau (YVB) to conduct research to better understand visitors to Yap, such as visitor decision making, behaviour, expenditure and satisfaction. It collects direct data from visitors. To strengthen and support research uptake, NZTRI researchers conduct in-country workshops disseminate key findings and support public agencies, businesses, and communities to translate insights into marketing and product development strategies.

Ho Chi Minh City

NZTRI hosted two delegations from Ho Chi Minh City at AUT as part of an intensive two-week training program on Tourism Destination Development during August and September 2017. Professor Simon Milne delivered the first part of the training program in early August to a wider group in Vietnam. Participants completing the New Zealand based program included representatives from various Departments - Tourism; Culture and Sports; Travel; Information and Technology; and Resources Planning and Development, along with mayors/senior representatives from several City Districts. On-site field trips focussed on links to our research projects in Auckland and highlighted urban and peri-urban tourism attraction and precinct management.



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Capacity Building

The transfer of skills and knowledge lies at the heart of our work. Our focus is on assisting local stakeholders to better understand tourism impacts and how they link to local economies.

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Pacific Tourism
Data Initiative

For nearly 20 years NZTRI has worked with donor agencies and national governments to provide deeper insight into tourism industry performance in the Small Island Developing States of the South Pacific.

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New Zealand
Communities and Regions

Our 'Get Local' programme gathers information to inform local decision-making to generate greater benefits from tourism and advance the economic, social and environmental well-being of New Zealand's host communities and regions.

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