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NZTRI is one of the leading tourism research and consulting services providers in the South Pacific and beyond. What sets us apart from other researchers and consultants is the wide range of expertise offered by our 80 members. Collectively we bring an unparalleled range of experience in translating tourism research into innovative and workable solutions for clients, which provides tangible benefits for business, residents, and visitors.

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We offer a broad range of services for government and public agencies, destination management organisations, businesses, industry associations, residents and community groups.

Members of the NZTRI research team have strong critical thinking skills and the ability to identify and develop solutions to complex problems by applying advanced and rigorous quantitative research techniques. Recent examples include International Visitor Surveys (IVS), Business Confidence Index Surveys, Community Attitudes Surveys, local Visitor Surveys, economic impact analysis of events, visitor research in niche markets, and pre-feasibility studies. We apply innovative approaches to data collection and analysis that ensure statistical data is gathered from a large number of people from a representative sample. Most commonly used methods are cost-effective online surveys.
NZTRI uses qualitative research approaches to provide deep insights into attitudes, motivations, influencers, satisfaction, opinions and behaviours. We can combine insights gained by qualitative research with quantitative data to create a new dimension in understanding visitors, businesses, residents and communities by not only analysing what people think and feel, but also what they do, what they spend and how they behave. Most commonly used methods are interviews, focus groups, and observations, best practice literature and secondary data reviews, including mining of large datasets.
Our Strategy development work highlights ways to improve the position of a broad range of tourism stakeholders to participate in a sustainable visitor industry by focusing on the visitor, business and community experience of tourism. We take an end-to end approach following the steps, firms and people a visitor interacts with from the moment they decide to take a trip to the completion of their journey. We extend on common approaches in tourism planning by including the important dimension of the host community. This links business with local resident quality of life and optimises tourism as a means to stimulate local economies, improve the visitor experience, and enhance livelihoods.
Our people are highly skilled facilitators and educators with wide ranging knowledge of tourism and proven ability to work with a range of end user groups. We provide training in tourism management, policy and planning, and ICT skills so that nations and organisations are better prepared to participate in tourism global distribution systems.
Host communities are part of a cohesive tourism experience. NZTRI work with public agencies, businesses and residents with a focus on creating linkages and enhancing networks. The goal is to reduce economic leakages, and support diversification. Our work with communities of practice cover a wide range of topics from best practice in voluntourism, to issues that affect the cultural and heritage, and museum sectors.
As part of our work to link tourism to local economies, we conduct research to understand the web presence of destinations and on-site experience audits by 'mystery visitors' to local areas. By adopting a consumer perspective, the tourism audit focuses on the visibility of a destination and the availability of information online (websites, portals, review sites, blogs, social media etc.) and on-site, about businesses, local communities, and attractions associated with the visitor experience at a national, regional, sub-regional, or local level. We use advanced mapping techniques to identify clusters of existing tourism assets, as well as opportunities to create linkages between areas and regions.
All NZTRI researchers have postgraduate qualifications and are highly skilled in conducting literature and best practice reviews to provide recommendations to inform policy and planning. We adopt and adapt methodologies and approaches to suit specific national contexts and local culture and translate findings into useable resources such as Toolkits, Guidebooks, and training materials, suitable for dissemination to a wide range of stakeholders.

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