Indigenous Tourism

Indigenous tourism

NZTRI Supporting Cultural Tourism Development in Communities

With the increasing global interest in cultural tourism, NZTRI staff has been working in collaboration with local community groups to develop experiential cultural tourism products. One such project, The Heritage Planning Manual for Communities, was prepared in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada to develop their unique heritage for sustainable economic gain. The manual is highly recommended for community-based groups who are planning a natural or cultural heritage project.

PhD proposal presentation: Māori spaces in foreign places - Hinemihi o te ao tawhito

Many aspects of Māori tourism development are intrinsically linked to cultural identity (Te Awekotuku, 1981; Ryan, 2002). This study proposes that Māori notions of cultural identity are not confined to connections with geographical place alone. Rather, cultural identity emerges from socially created spaces that are dependent on the relationships between people as well the relationships with iconic cultural references. It is argued that these references exist both physically and metaphysically.

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Economic Impact of Educational Trips to Marae

This research was conducted by NZTRI’s deputy director, Hamish Bremner, in conjunction with Keri-Anne Wikitera and Owen Ormsby, both from Te Ara Poutama (AUT University’s Faculty of Māori Development). This research measures the direct economic impact of three organised educational trips to marae in Rotoiti, Nuhaka, and Rotorua. The research was also designed to assess differences in service as perceived by providers and participants, and to also develop research skills for those Maori students and staff undertaking the study.

September, 2006
December, 2006
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